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Low Carb - Sugar Free - Gluten Free -

Vegan Granola

ekl Baked is proud to offer fresh baked grain free granola. Our granola is nut based instead of oat based and made with the cleanest ingredients. It is also sugar free and gluten free.
With only 1 net carb per serving, it is great for Low Carb/Ketogenic Lifestyles.  

Simple ingredients make it perfect for most ways of eating.

Diabetic friendly and now vegan friendly!

Satisfy that crunch you may be missing!

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Our Story

September 2018, I started an Instagram account to help to keep me accountable during my weight-loss journey. I have since lost 120 pounds and continue to get healthier. I have incorporated a grain free lifestyle with my family as well.
I love to cook and I am always looking for clean, healthy low carb options for great food and treats for my family. I haven’t had much luck finding products in stores. At least, clean products. Most have artificial sweeteners that may spike blood sugar levels and cause bloat/gas, and other added ingredients that aren’t so clean and belly friendly.
My daughter loves granola, and so do I, so I took to the internet to find some. I ordered a popular brand from Amazon, while the flavor was super yummy, the texture was just weird. Super crunchy, too crunchy really, and also again with some not so great ingredients. So I decided to make my own! I searched different recipes and came up with some great ideas for my own. I didn’t realize just how great it would turn out! Huge hit with my family and friends, so I decided to share with others. 

I take unhealthy snacky foods and make a healthy dupe in the form of grain free granola. ♥♥♥

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